Tax Preparation & Investment Services

How may we help you?   

Tax Planning
We Provide Tax Services from simple to complex returns. E-File is free with all returns (Federal and State). Our goal is to give you the maximum Deductions allow by law and the biggest Refund.  We will also help reduce your tax burden with tax and financial planning*.  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.
Tax Problems
Tax Problems with the IRS? We will help you resolve these issues by representing you in front of the IRS. Levies, Garnishments, Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatement and Offer & Compromises (OIC) are just a few examples of how we help our clients.
Financial Services*
Lee provides you with valuable information to help you make important financial decisions, such as planning for retirement, buying a home, financing a college education, or investing for your family's future.     
Retirement Planning*
Most people who retire today will live at least 20 years after they stop working. Even if you are covered by Social Security and a company pension plan, you may not have enough to retire to live the lifestyle you desire. Do you know how much you need for retirement? 
College Planning*
Funding your child's education may be one of the most important expenses you will face. A college education can greatly increase your child's earning potential over a lifetime. However, the longer you delay starting a college savings plan, the more money you may have to save. Although the most important considerations in choosing a college program are educational, there are financial ones as well. With my help, you and your family can help understand the costs of a college education and evaluate ways to help you start saving today.
Estate Planning
Everyone should consider doing some estate planning, no matter how large or small your estate might be. However, estate planning can be a difficult process and can bring some emotional issues to light. Should you choose to put off proper planning now, it could cost your loved ones later. Estate taxes can devour the value of the estate that is intended for your heirs. Proper planning can eliminate this worry. I can help you develop a plan to maximize the amount you leave to your heirs and minimize the amount you leave to Uncle Sam.